A Little Bit About Me

Photography is in my blood. Photographing the world around me is my passion. From my childhood onwards, I was surrounded (bombarded?) with photography. I think I was my Dad’s favourite subject. Which is probably why I prefer to be behind, rather then in front of the lens.

Self Portait @ Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles

My Dad was an excellent Photographer. He had an uncanny grasp of the technical aspects of photography. I still remember him rattling off aperture and shutter speed settings – which when combined properly with the film’s ISO rating always resulted in excellent photographs. Keep in mind that we are talking film here. So every shot counted!

My Dad with His Precious Leica IIIF

His specialty was Landscapes.

As a young boy, I can recall “playing” with his Rollei & 2 Leicas (which I still have). In my youth, he pushed me quite hard to get into Photography. Of course, the end result was “resistance” on my end. My first real foray into the world of taking photographs was when I was 18. My Dad bought me a Ricoh 35mm SLR. I used it religiously. Most of my money went to developing film! The camera proved to be indispensable on a 2 month tour of Europe in 1977. And that was the real start to my foray into the world of imagery.

Since that time I have dabbled on and off  in photography.

My passion is photographing people; with a noble attempt at capturing the “person” behind the picture.

I hope that some of the images I take will give pleasure to the viewer.